Don’t Take Admission, Unless You Know 12 Secrets of Engineering

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Most of you are going to appear in your 10 + 2 examinations and want to make your career in the engineering field, while most of you have taken admission in 

Engineering is a charm nowadays for new generations. Engineering is the biggest sector in which the students want to make their career because a lot of people are doing engineering. It’s a trend nowadays. 

But they take admission in the branch suggested by their friends, relatives or by some Consultants. They do not consider their key strength or interest in which they are excellent. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, many times most of the students enter the branch of fantasy and they ignore the branch of their expertness. 

After taking the wrong branch, they regret it.

Therefore, in this article, I will tell you many secrets of Engineering and you must keep in mind if you are choosing this sector for your career. 

Engineering is a long process degree program. None can tell you about all the things in little time. But in this post, I will try to cover most of the important things while choosing a branch for you. If you are interested to know, keep reading.

This article is a little bit lengthy, but it will give you a clear idea of Engineering programs. 



Admission in engineering is a very sophisticated process. There are a lot of competitive examinations for entrance in engineering colleges, like IIT-JEE. 

Many state universities also conduct their separate entrance examination. So if you want to take admission in those premium universities or colleges you have to appear in this examination and should score a good rank.

A good rank is very necessary to take admission to the branch of your choice and college.

There are a lot of private colleges that also provide engineering education which are affiliates to some universities. 

If you have not appeared in any entrance exam, you can take admission directly in these kinds of colleges. 

But you should keep in mind the following factors why taking admissions in any university or college whether it is private or government.



The syllabus of any Engineering branch is the most important thing in the students’ engineering careers. 

Because students have to complete all the curriculums, which are mentioned in the syllabus. 

So if you are going to take admission in any specific branch suggested by your friends or relatives, you should once check the syllabus of that particular branch. This is one of the most important secrets of Engineering.

Here, I would like to advise you, if the syllabus of the branch is not understandable to you, you should give up the idea to take admission in that particular branch. 

While checking the syllabus of that branch you should try to match your previous subjects which were interesting to you.

The syllabus is to be considered as a constitution of the engineering program.

You have to complete all the subjects, practicals, projects, and assignments in the particular semester. 

The subjects will be assigned as per the scheme mentioned in the syllabus. So, keep in mind that you first check the syllabus of that particular branch in which you are going to take admission.



The next most important activity in the engineering course is the classroom study. 

Most of the institutions advertise that they have smart classes equipped with the latest facilities in the college. But usually, they arrange one or two smart classes to take photographs for advertisement, and the rest of the classrooms remain ordinary. 

Before going to take admission, try to connect the students who are already studying in the college or university and ask about the classrooms. 

You can contact these students through the Alumni page on social media or you can directly approach their hostels to talk with them. 

They will give you an idea about the real scenario of the classes. While taking admission, students think that he/she will study in smart classes in the college. 

But when they enter the classroom they get a shock that there is nothing different in the engineering class and ordinary school class just simple benches and blackboard and a podium. So be aware. This is also one of the most important secrets of Engineering.


Most of the colleges advertise that they use the latest methodology to teach the students via learning by doing methods.

But in reality, there is nothing like “learning by doing”. 

Most of the institutions overburden the students through assignments and class tests only.

There is nothing like innovation and creativity as engineering requires.

So I would like to suggest that you must enquire about the innovation opportunity in a particular institution. 

Most of the good organizations have established well equipped, latest technology laboratory to make the students innovative and industry-ready. 

It will be good if you take admission in that kind of college that provides the opportunity for learning by doing and hands-on training. 

Theory subjects

Theory subjects

In engineering courses, you have to cover a lot of theory subjects which are very important.

Most of the subjects are being considered as theory subjects and underrated. 

Faculty and students, both neglect the importance of those theory subjects. 

Most of the subjects are theoretical but very important from the industrial point of view. so do not underestimate the importance of these kinds of subjects.

Numerical Subjects

Numerical subjects

A lot of subjects are numerical subjects in engineering which demand a high level of calculation.

You need to pay attention to learn the methods to solve the problems. 

You must develop the ability to brainstorm to find the solution of giving problems. You must learn how to drive the formula for any engineering problem.

Laboratory Work

The main difference between the traditional course and professional courses is that in engineering we study the real world. 

That’s why engineering courses are demanding laboratory work in access. But nowadays It is seen that most of the newly established colleges don’t pay much attention to the laboratory work. 

They just focus on the marks of the students and their ranking. Generally, they cancel the laboratory schedule to teach the theoretical subjects.  

But guys you must complete your laboratory work first then spare time for extra study to get good marks or grades.


Let’s talk about the examinations.

Like all the courses, engineering also has the process of examination to judge the quality of your learning and study. 

Like all the courses you studied till now, the pattern of examinations is almost the same.

This means you have to memorize the subject and you have to write the answers in the exam copies.

So guys if you are interested to know how to memorize the things for the examination you can click here. 

In the engineering program, a lot of examinations happen. The examination may be of several types which we are going to discuss step by step.


At the beginning of the 1st semester, you will be introduced by sessional examination. Means Internal Examination.

It is mentioned in the syllabus and marking scheme, that there are two types of exams for theory subjects; the first one is sessional and the second one is an external exam. 

They are different kinds of marking patterns. Some follow the 50/50 rule while some universities follow the 100/50 while some may follow the 70/30 rule. 

If we talk about the 70/30 rule, it means 70 marks external and 30 marks internal are the maximum marks of your question paper. You have to score external marks out of 70, and internal marks out of 30.

Whatever the scheme, you must be ready for all examinations. 

You have to write the correct answers in your answer sheets.

The internal marks are in the hand of your teaching faculties. Therefore maintain your good image in the sight of all faculty of the Institute. It will be good for you. 

Some portion of your internal marks is given by your teachers as “Teacher Assessment Marks”. So be aware that you should not make them angry otherwise you may lose your marks in the sessional examination. This is also one of the most important secrets of Engineering.

Many times they also consider the percentage of intermediate marks of the students while giving them sessional marks. In this case, the students who are having good percentages are lucky. 

There are some rules to give sessional marks. In some organizations, they conduct three examinations and then consider the average of the best of two papers, to finalize the mark. 

While some institutions mainly conduct two sessional examinations and one Pre University test. 

They consider the average of Pre University tests and the one best of the two sessionals. 

So if you are going through the engineering program, you should be well aware of the examination procedure.


Now you must know about the external examination of theory subjects. 

In the external examination, your performance will be judged by the unknown external faculty. 

Universities conduct your examination on the different exam centers. You may be sent to a different examination center other than your college. 

You will be provided one copy and one question paper for each subject. Generally, examinations are for three hours, but it may be for two hours, for some specific subjects. 

After writing all the answers in your copy you have to return this copy to the room invigilator. Make sure you mark your attendance in each and every exam.

They collect the copies of all students present in the examination room and then submit them to the examination cell of the examination center.

These copies are sent to different locations for evaluation. 

Nowadays some universities conduct the evaluation of copies virtually. For this, they scan the copies and allot these copies to the concerned examiner who evaluates the copies virtually on the computer screen in the evaluation center.

Whatever the process, you must know the marks gaining strategy in the external examination. You can click here to know how to gain marks genuinely in each and every exam.

Nowadays, Due to COVID-19 Impact, some universities are preferring Objective type Questions in the exam. so be updated about the changes.


Let’s talk about the Practical Examination. 

Whether it is an internal or external practical exam, they conduct these exams in your college or Institute. 

Internal marks will be given by your faculty who was your instructor in the laboratory. And the external examination of practicals will be done by the external examiner who will come to your college. 

He will take your Viva and may I ask you to perform experiments before him. But generally, because he has to take exams of all the students, so it is impossible for him to judge each and every student. 

Therefore he may take the help of your internal faculty to give marks to you. 

So here I would like to suggest you never ever spoil your relations with your internal faculty. Your external exam marks may suffer.



Backlog…..! backlog….! backlog…..! 

This is a horrible word in the field of Engineering and nobody will tell you about this terrible word before you enter engineering. 

Most of the students start enjoying engineering life and they forget the study. They get a surprise of the backlog in the result of the first semester. 

The backlog is a black spot in the portfolio of the student. 

Here is my suggestion that if you want to avoid backlog, please study, at least you clear the subject. 

Because if you get one backlog in the first semester you have to pass this subject in the next even or odd semester. 

And this will create an extra overburden in the next semester’s examination. 

So don’t be ignorant in your first semester. Start your study dedicatedly. 

Because it is said that one backlog of the previous semester creates another backlog of the next semester. This is one of the biggest secrets of Engineering.



Let’s talk about engineering projects.

Projects are an essential part of an Engineering degree. Generally,  mandatory projects start from the second last semester, as a minor project, and in the final semester as a major project. 

But nowadays, some Universities are starting to give projects from the second year of your B.Tech. 

Most of the students don’t take this project seriously and they complete this task in a very casual manner.

Guys’ projects play a very important role in your entire career. Most of the interviewers ask about your project and judge you for your recruitment. 

Therefore you must do all your projects seriously.

Career Opportunities

Obviously, you have chosen engineering branches as your Good career. 

There are several opportunities to make a desirable career. We will discuss the main point of your career concisely.

Government Job

The first and most attractive career opportunity from the engineering field is a government job. 

A lot of Government organizations invite applications for the various technical posts for the engineers of different branches. 

But generally, the government jobs are only available for the traditional engineering branches; like mechanical, Electrical, Civil electronics, etc. 

The branches of latest technologies like computer science and IT, they have less amount of government jobs.

So guys if you are willing to enter the government sector you must choose your branch carefully. 

These government jobs are from the public sector or from the various departments of government ages. 

Most of the public sector invites the candidates for an interview who have a good rank in the gate examination. 

If you want to enter a government job you must prepare yourself for the GATE examination from the start of engineering.

Private Job

private job

The next option of a career is a private job. 

A lot of big companies also provide Engineering Services, in which they need to hire skilled and good engineers. 

A lot of multinational companies also hire engineers for foreign assignments.

A lot of reputed and big companies offer a lucrative package. 

Generally, IT and computer service-related companies offer this kind of lucrative package. 

Core companies also provide good packages but this does not compare with the package of IT companies. 

So guys if you are interested in a private job you must choose your branch accordingly.

Higher studies

higher studies

The next option for your career is higher studies. 

You can continue your education in engineering. For this, you can take admission in

You have to acquire a good rank in the GATE exam to take admission to good universities.


Gate stands for Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers. 

This exam is conducted by different IITs. Many engineering students participate in this exam. 

Some presents for the public sector entry and some presents for the higher studies. 

If you want to go into higher studies in engineering you have to appear in the GATE exam. Score a good rank and take admission in a reputed Institution.


The CAT stands for the Common Admission Test.

If you are willing to acquire a management degree you must give the CAT exam to get admission to a good and premier College. 

To know more about CAT examination you can click here

Recruitment Drive

Many medium and small scale industries also conduct recruitment drives in different colleges. There HR teams visit the college and conduct the recruitment processes in the college. 

They have a pattern of the recruitment process, like a written test, group discussion, personal interviews of the technical round, personal interviews of HR, and then selection. 

If you are willing to appear in this kind of recruitment drive you must prepare yourself in each and every aspect of your personality and Technical soundness.



Startup refers to the initiation of a company established by a group of students to provide some services to produce some goods.

Many institutions established the facilities of incubation. 

Incubation is the department that is dedicated to giving support to those kinds of companies that are starting in the college. 

I appreciate this kind of career line, in which students innovate something new and try to commercialize it to the market. 

Here I would like to suggest to you that if you are a man of vision, you must start your company as a startup from your second year or third year. 

Because if you will start your company after the completion of Engineering, there is a chance of giving up, because of a lot of responsibilities from the family side.

If you start in your second year or third year, you have a lot of time to learn from failures. 

University examinations are not a big deal, nowadays. You can pass your examination by having a constant study in a very little time in the day. 

You can spare time for your career also. You can Skill-up yourself. 

Guys if you can spare your time for your entertainment, you can spare time for your startup also.


Guys…! I have tried to rivel all the minute things of engineering to you. I hope you loved this information.

If I forgot something to mention here, please let me know no through comments. 

I will try to add your valuable suggestion in this post and will update you soon. 

Please share this information with your loved ones who are going to take admission in engineering. 

Thank you so much for reading the full article. 

I thank you for your unimaginable love and support. Take care of your career.

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