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Do you love science and get attract towards technology? Do you want to understand the deep concepts of science and technologies in an easy way and want to make a career in it?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Here you will find the interacting and easiest way to learn basic and advanced scientific terminologies. Start your journey to be a future scientist and technologist and keep learning.


The development of any country is based on technological development. The manufacturing, transportation, automobile, supply chain, information technology, medical, national security, and cyber technology are the biggest sectors that totally depend on scientific and engineering technology.  

Therefore the youth and youngsters should be creative in technology. Technical education should be in such a way to ignite creativity, just not to acquire degrees and certificates only.

Myvigyan is a website to provide information about technology and science.  The main objective of this website is to create an environment of knowledge sharing and spread awareness about science.

The aim of this website is to make science easy to understand and interesting.

About the Author

Usman Ali is an Automation Professional and Design Expert. He has good teaching and training experience in Industrial Automation, Machine Design, mechatronics and Industry 4.0.

He is giving consultancy services to many esteemed Industries, as designing and developing special purpose automatic machines. The purpose of this work is to make the engineers industry ready on the last day of their degree program.

He established the interactions between the institute and industries to make students familiar with the latest technologies being used in the industries and in terms of technology creation, knowledge sharing to fill up the gap between industries and institutions.

Now he is trying to spread this domain to the schooling students also. That’s why he starts writing articles on science and technology in simple language so that youngsters can understand. He also started YouTube videos on different technological terms, Education, Automation Trainings, and career guidance. You can click here to watch his videos.

Updates Frequency

Our plan is to provide the genuine and right information to my readers. Genuine work takes time, but still, my aim is to add one post per week. Consistent posts give benefit to the users to be updated and receive the latest information. These articles can guide add values to the reader’s career.


It is very important for me to be aware with all the suggestions and advices from my reader, so that i can give them a high level of information. I really want to add value to their life and career.

It is very easy to contact me to give suggestions or advice for the upcoming articles. Send me an email at contact@myvigyan.com or just comment on any post.