Best Advice for the Students to be No. 1 in career

Hey…! Do you want to be successful?


Everyone wants to be successful. But, What is the way to success? what should be done to be successful?

Many of us want success with very little struggle. 

But remember that, We don’t get what we “Desire”, we get what we “Deserve”.

What I said…!


It means “Able”

So if you want to become a deserved person for success, you must know the things which I am going to share with you…

So, continue reading…

Before moving into deep, let’s have a look at a very interesting short story.

Story of butterfly 

One day, a little boy saw a cocoon of a butterfly. 

He noticed that the baby butterfly was struggling to come out from the cocoon. 

But it seemed that it would not be possible for him to come out without any help. 

So the boy decided to help. He ran home and came with a sharpened-edge piece of metal. 

He cut the cocoon and helped the Baby butterfly to come out. 

He was happy by helping him. He thought that the butterfly would grow soon and fly in the sky.

He used to come each day to notice the progress. The baby butterfly tried to fly but never was successful because of weak wings. After some days of trying, the baby butterfly gave up the wish of flying. 

At last, the butterfly never flew in the sky. Now that boy was disappointed.

What would have happened? 

Why the butterfly didn’t fly. 

I’ll tell you the reason!

When the butterfly was struggling to come out from the cocoon, that was the time to strengthen his wings. 

But due to the little help done by the boy, snitch that chance from the butterfly to be stronger. 

His wings could not acquire enough strength to fly.

the Butterfly spends the rest of his life, like a Caterpillar, without a fly. 

It is very painful to live a life like a Caterpillar when you are born as a butterfly. 

So my friends, I would like to give best advice for the Students. Keep reading….

Don’t seek help during your struggle. You are like a butterfly who is being born, so struggle more and more. You will fly one day, and see the wonder of the world.

Improve English communication 

Most of the students are good at understanding, they have a good catching power but they can’t let Express their knowledge, whether in class or in exams.

The main problem as I experience in students is the problem of communication. Specially in English. Most of the students from CBSE, somehow good at speaking, but they also make mistakes in writing.

Here I suggest that you must improve your communication first. It will be good for understanding as well as marks gaining. 

Do not  write the words in short forms as we generally do in social media chattings, like “u” in place of “you” and  “gud” in place  of “Good” etc


Hey… are you the type of student who always seeks help, whenever they are stuck. If it is so, please stop it now. 

Create a habit of self-study. There is no replacement for self-study. The things we learned from someone else remain less time than self-study. 

Self notes

Most of the students are habitual of demanding notes from teachers, at the end of each class. Especially in online classes during lockdown time, they demand ppt and pdf. But as I experienced, very few students try to read it. Most of them never open it. 

At the end of the semester, they purchase low-quality study material and give the exam,  just to pass the exam.

Say No to ready made study material 

It is seen that a number of students buy the readymade notes or study material for competitive exams and for semester exams too. 

These notes are too concise to understand the concept deeply. These notes are designed for those who have studied and want to practice for competitive exams.

So always keep in mind that, start the study of the new subjects with authentic textbooks.

Never ever use ready-made notes of concise study materials.

Don’t  be a spoon fed 

All the above mentioned bad habits lead you to be a spoon-fed person. Keep remembering that spoon-fed persons can’t be self-sustained. They always seek help even in a little bit of trouble. 

If you want to be a successful person, grind your mind to sharpen it. Shape your career with hard work. 

There is no replacement for hard work and consistency.

A harder path makes you stronger.

There is a proverb, More sweat in practice, less blood in battle. Mind it!

Never cheat

They say a nation doesn’t require an attack to destroy, just corrupt the education system.

If you want our nation Stronger and Developed, don’t let our education system be corrupted. 

The corruption in the education system starts from grassroots levels when students try to pass exams by cheatings.

 The teachers try to stop them not because of failing the students,  but because of maintaining the quality of education. 

Therefore they have to set some restrictions during exams.

But Always remember, “discipline is always better than Restrictions”.

When you want to control others it is called restrictions, and when you want to control yourself it is called discipline. 

So friends, be disciplined, be honored, work hard, and never ever think about cheating. 

Focus on goals

The biggest mistake the students make these days, they make goals but never stay focused on them.

Plenty of stuff are present to distract a person from his goal, like movies, web series, online games, social media, etc. 

Technology is a tool and we must use it wisely. We should build our life with the help of technology. Unnecessary and excessive use of social media without any purpose makes you addicted and leads you to slip away from your career’s path. 

So, limit your social media activity, don’t spend time on movies and series and games.

Try to spare time for creative and productive works.

Involve yourself in such activities which leads you to be on your right career path, and helps you to achieve your goals. Click here to know how to set goals.

Try to learn new skills

Most of the students think, after achieving any particular goal, that they are excellent, and stop learning. They think that they know everything. 

They stop the practice on their skills They stop reading textbooks. But when they meet their next challenge, most of them get defeated. Then they regret it. 

Friends, nowadays the time is running very fast, if you stop learning, soon you will become outdated in knowledge. You will lose your growth if you stop learning. So never give up learnings.

Be expert of at least one

It is seen that the person who is having a key skill, achieves an amazing level of success. 

So first of all try to find your key skills. Grind yourself more and more to become sharp in that skill. Always be updated and practice more and more to be upgraded yourself.

Practice a lot and become an expert.

But at the same time, don’t forget to be familiar with the related skills also. Work on them too, but not as much as on your key skills. 

Try to learn interdisciplinary skills also

And remember one more thing, If you have any one of the interdisciplinary skills, it will be more beneficial for your career. So try to learn at least one of them.


Al last, I want to say that be wise for your career journey. Select your direction carefully.  

Be hardworking. Don’t look for shortcuts. This is the Best Advice for the Students.

Always remember that Gold and diamond shine after a long process of purification and fine cutting and become so precious. Otherwise, they remain buried underground and nobody knows them.

So wake up, work hard, and grasp whatever you want. You will not be born again. Don’t be lazy.

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Thank you to be with me. God Bless…Cheers.

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