Best methods to get Good Marks genuinely in the examination after COVID-19 Impact

Hey guys, do you want to get good marks.

Everyone wants to be successful and want to secure good grades or Marks. You work hard for this.

But, have you ever wondered that you didn’t get the Mark of your expectation in an examination, however, you have written almost all the correct answers.

What would have happened that you didn’t get the marks? 

There may be several parameters that you didn’t get the Marks, whatever you have expected.

Some parameters belong to the copy checker, while most of the parameters belong to the students. 

In today’s post, I will discuss the parameters which belong to the students.

If you are going to give an exam and you keep in mind these parameters you can acquire good marks.

Know the examination procedure

First of all, you must know the examination procedure for your course. 

After the COVID-19 lockdown, many universities have changed their exam patterns. 

If you missed this information, surely you’re gonna be confused in the examination hall. This confusion would create a bad impact on your performance. So, you must have full knowledge of your examination procedure and evaluation scheme.

Write answers in the sequence of question paper

Most of the students write their answers in a random sequence. It may create irritation to the Examiner when he/she checks your answer sheets. 

Sometimes many students write their answers in shuffling form.

You may argue, “So what…!! We write what we remember first.”  Sometimes, it may be Okay. But If you are doing this habitually, please stop it immediately.

Generally, Questions are divided into sections or groups, like A, B, C, Short Answer type, long answer Type & objective type, etc. 

Try to write most of the answers of the same category and the same group in the sequence of the questions as given in the question paper.

Use good way of writing answer

Whatever you learned during classroom lectures or by self-study, it is your internal ability, but you could not get good marks unless you express your knowledge in answer sheets beautifully. Try to use the following tips.

Mentioned Question and its section for each question

Whether you write your answers in the same sequence or not, as given in the question paper, you must mention the question’s serial number with its section. 

Most of the students, as I noticed, write in sequence but they don’t mention the section of the question. This also may confuse the Examiners. Mention the section of each question, before the question number.

Don’t Rewrite the question on answer sheets 

Most of the students start answering like this: first, they rewrite the entire question. Some students don’t write the entire question, beside this they write the first and last word and put dashes (——) between them, in a single line. Then they write answers. 

Don’t waste time to rewrite the question. Just put the section and question number with a dark color pen (most preferred black), and start answering.

Use Headings

Most of the students write their theory answers directly without heading. They think that examiners will read the whole answer. This never happens. 

The only strategy to convince the examiner is to use heading in answer. Heading can draw attention and increase the chances of getting maximum marks.  Okay, so start using headings in answer while practicing also.

Use short paragraphs 

Guys, if you are solving numerical questions, leave one line empty after each part solution.

If you are writing a theory answer,  try to write your answer in a short paragraph. Short paragraphs grab the attention of the examiner and increase the chances of getting good marks.

Use bullet points

Despite short paragraphs, you can use bullet points also. In place of whole descriptive answers, you must use bullet points also in between your answers. 

Use diagrams 

It is not always possible to use diagrams in all kinds of subjects.

But most of the students don’t also use diagrams and figures even if the requirement and loss of the opportunity to get good marks. 

If the subject is technical and requires diagrams and figures to explain the things, then you must use the diagrams while writing the answers in the exam. Okay..!!!

Use black and blue pens

Most of the students don’t use different colors pen for headings and descriptions in the answers in the exam. 

But it is common trends that we use a black pen for Headings and a blue pen for descriptions. Please maintain this tradition, don’t break it. Carry on…!!

You may use some more color pen

Black and blue…!! Don’t bound yourself with these two. Everyone loves colors. So you also can use different colors if it is not forbidden. 

Mostly girls use these tactics, and you know, girls get lucrative marks. Understood….!!! 

So you also can do that.

Optimize answer sheet

Sheet optimization means that you should use sheets smartly. Never ever leave blank pages between your answers. It may confuse the examiners, they may think that nothing is written beyond this page. Therefore it is a very fatal mistake. If any page is left blank by mistake, please write PTO (Please Turn Over) on it. 

Some below-mentioned optimization techniques should also be focused on.

Start writing long answers from the new page of answer copy.

Dear guys..!

If you have enough pages in the answer booklet, always start your long answers from the new page of the answer sheet.

This is because many times the starting of the answer may be missed by the examiners. and you may lose. Try to optimize the page area of the copy. 

Draw end lines after each answer.

Many times Examiners confuse with the ending of answers because many students start the answer to the next questions just after the end of the previous answer. 

As I mentioned earlier, if you have enough space, start new answers from new pages.

If you want to start on the same page, draw clear lines just to show the ending of the answer and provide some space to give marks. 

After all, we are learning to get the Marks here…!! Okay 

Short answers must be given in sequence.

It is not the hard and fast rule, but please try to answer short and objective answers just in sequence only. Because it is so difficult, for the Examiner, to collect these small marks from the entire answer sheet. 

Provide ease to the Examiner, so that you can get the marks easily. 

That’s it..!!


They say a single mark sheet can not predict the ability of a student..!! True…!! 

But the students with poor marks get filtered out first from the selection procedure of the so called elite companies. 

I don’t encourage you to rush after the marks only. I tell you the genuine strategy to get good marks after having enough knowledge of the subject. 

The above strategy may work for both kinds of students, learners, and memorizers. 

But this strategy is more beneficial for the learners because the memorizers will get marks only and the learners will get knowledge and Marks both.

If you are interested to know, how to remember the things while study, click here.

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