Industry 4.0, an amazing journey of Industrial Revolutions

Industry 4.0 …! What is this…? Have you ever heard of the word Industry 4.0? Any Idea??

This is a very popular buzzword these days. You can hear this in any technological conferences or webinars. Most of the researchers and technologists generally use this word in their speeches.  But, what does it mean….!

Most people think that it is the latest technology in the manufacturing industry. But I want to clarify that it is not just technology,  it’s the technological revolution, or we can say, it is the industrial revolution.

Many revolutions have occurred before the present revolution. If you want to understand the full depth concept of Industry 40.0, you need to know about all the revolutions before this Industry 4.0.

Today we’re going to learn about the Industrial Revolutions one by one. If you are interested, keep reading….

First Industrial revolution ( I 1.0)

The first time in the history of the manufacturing sector, the biggest transition occurred around 1770,  when this sector entered into water-wheel powered or steam-powered machines.

Industrial Steam Engine

Before this, all the manufacturing was being done manually without any external power.

The introduction of steam-powered engines and water-wheels power generation systems greatly affected the manufacturing sector of Europe and America.

It creates a lot of new businesses of that time and new skills were required to perform many tasks. New definitions of product specifications were introduced. It opened new opportunities for new startups for a lot of products. 

In this transition period,  the quality of products increased drastically. The production became fast and rapid.

It also opened the door for innovation and research for the Mechanical engineers. The concept of special-purpose machines was widely used to design and develop a wide variety of machines for a number of products. 

In other words, this transition was the start of Industrial Automation. A Lot of inventions and innovations occurred during this period and they revolutionized the Industrial work culture. That’s why this is called, First Industrial Revolution, in short, it is Industry 1.0 or simply I 1.0, that’s it. 

Interesting isn’t it…!

Second Industrial revolution ( I 2.0)

By the beginning of the 20th century, most of the industries had started the use of electrical power in place of Steam engines or water wheels. The inventions of electric motors were very popular at that time. 

Electricity Transmission

Electric motors are easy to start and operate as compared to steam engines or water-wheel. They used to occupy less space as compared to the previous prime movers. They were fast responsive. 

The development of most of the electrical technologies occurred in this period.

Third Industrial revolution ( I 3.0)

The third industrial revolution started at the beginning of the decades of 1970 when the first computer chip was invented. These electronics chips were used in Mechanical machines to give commands of operations. 

Computerized Machines for Manufacturing

This period was the starting of computerized Machines and Smart Automation. The combination of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering started a new multidisciplinary domain, that domain was termed as Mechatronics. 

Nowadays Mechatronics is a separate branch of Engineering in which we deal with the combination of the latest technologies like mechanical designs, electronics, electrical, computer technologies, programming, simulations, and installations. 

Nowadays it is a very lucrative branch of engineering in which skilled engineers get very attractive salary packages.

Fourth Industrial revolution ( I 4.0)

After the decade of 2010, new terms were being used commonly, that was cyber connected devices or smart devices. 

There was a facility of internet connectivity in these devices.

Connected Machines

The industries also started the use of connected devices. These devices were known as cyber-physical systems or CPS. The use of CPS in the Industrial process started the fourth Industrial revolution or I4.0. 

Because it revolutionized Industrial activities. With the help of the cyber-physical systems, the industries started production with the help of smart machines and in this era, the industries were being converted to smart factories. Factories most of the machinery work connected through the internet.

Industry 4.0 is not the technology but it is the revolution in which we use many technologies in combination, for example, manufacturing technology, an industrial robot with internet connectivity, networking technology, wireless connectivity, image processing, cybersecurity manufacturing technology virtual reality, Augmented reality.

Industry 4.0 facilitates the many requirements which were not possible in the old manufacturing system, for example, customized products during mass production online monitoring off the production by the customers and the owner of the company.

Industry 4.0 is not a mature Technology yet but some experts say that it will be a mature UPTU by 2030. So guys you can imagine how much potential this field has. 

If an engineer is working in this field they can invent many smart types of machinery to contribute to the development of this industry 4.0 era. 


This field has enormous potential for new engineers who have the ability to think out of the box and also has the creativity and innovation attitude. 

So guys this was the brief introduction to the industrial revolutions and Ud there related Technologies so so in this period of time, the branches of Engineering and domain of study has no significance because the present time is for the innovators and creators who can create new machines or we can say iSmart machines which can be suitable in futuristic approach.

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