JOB roles of Automation Engineers in India

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Guys…!!! Automation is a very wide area. It covers from needle manufacturing to a space rocket launch, from shoe manufacturing to airplane manufacturing and nuclear plants to biomedical field, etc.

More or less every manufacturing industry uses at least one or more automatic machines. 

Imagine…!! How much career potential in this field. Most of the industries import automatic machines or plants from abroad, and they avail maintenance services also from there.

There is a huge requirement of skilled Automation professionals in India for many varieties of Job roles.

Today I will tell you about some main areas of automation in which you can start your career. 


R&D means research and development. Every company has its R&D team to develop new things for the industries. Automation industries also so do the same. They hire research and development engineers to develop the Machines for the special task as per their client’s Desire. 

So, you can apply to those industries for this R&D post. To be an R&D engineer you must have the following skills. First of all, you must have a master’s degree in any sector of automation. Not only degree is sufficient you must have some hands-on skills also to develop Automatic machines. 

You must be having a deep understanding of Engineering formulas and analytical skills. 

Generally this kind of job role he provides by those industries who develop the automation automatic machine. 

Therefore if you are having good analytical skills with some hands-on training you are meant for this kind of job. 

So what you do is that you have to work on some realistic projects of automation during your graduation and master’s program.

While working on real-time projects you will gain experience in how to design automatic machines and this experience will lead you to be an R&D engineer.

Automation Product Manager 

An automation product manager means a person who works in automatic machines situated in industries producing some goods. The job role of this automation engineer is to ensure the efficient working of the automatic machine. 

The main work of the automation engineer is to handle the automatic machine and maintain them fully functional. This person checks regularly all the sensors, actuators of the machine and repairs them as per the preventive maintenance task. 

If you want to be an automation engineer you must have the ability to learn how to operate a special kind of machine and its function and component. So that whenever required it can point out the troubles and take necessary action. 

This profile requires a graduation degree in the engineering of mechanical, electrical, or electronic. If you are having any of the above-mentioned degrees and having some exposure to automatic machines so you can go on to be an automation engineer.

Automation Designer

The role of an automation designer is almost the same as the role of an R&D engineer but the only difference is that it pays less attention to the automation concept and pays more attention to the design and development of the automatic machines. 

It means you must have knowledge of machine design also. You must have a basic knowledge of Computer-aided design, knowledge of machine design, and concepts of automation. To get the job role of automation designer you must have a graduation degree in the field of mechanical engineering along with some exposure to automatic machine designing. 

So if you want to be an automation designer you must be e having a mechanical engineering degree and you must have work on real project with the industries on automation then you will be eligible to get the position role of automation designer.

Automation Control Engineer

The role of automation in charge is to maintain the supply of automation equipment and the functionality of all machines presenting in the industry. 

Automation in charge is responsible for all the activity related to automation in any factory or industry. The main difference between the role of automation engineer and automation in charge is that the automation engineer is responsible only for particular machinery for a job where is automation in charge is responsible for the entire factory for the plant.

To get the position of automation in charge first you have to go through the position of automation engineer then after getting some years of experience you will be promoted as automation in charge. the quality required for the automation in charge is the same as the automation engineer.

PLC programmer

Automation cannot be achieved without programming. The most popular programming in the field of automation is PLC Programming.

PLC stands for Programmable logical controller.  It is the brain of automatic machines which gives the instruction to the machine as per the information received through the sensors. 

There is a huge requirement of a PLC programmer in almost all kinds of industries who supply the automation equipment to the industries and who developed the automatic machine for the industries. 

Most of the industries work as special-purpose machine designers for the industries there is also the need for the PLC programmer. 

To be a PLC programmer you must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering along with the skills of PLC Programming. So you must learn the programming of PLC of different brands like Siemens, Allen Bradley, ABB, Snyder, etc.

The most popular language to program a PLC is ladder logic. You can learn Ladder logic in any of the brands. After that, you can program the PLC of any manufacturer on the basis of your learning because only the software interface will change as the manufacturer change but the logic will be the same. PLC programmers are hired on very lucrative salaries.

Industrial Automation Sales Engineer

The next most demanding job profile is the sales engineer. Sales engineers are responsible for the development of business in any industry. They are the key person who develops businesses and runs the industries. 

Normal salespersons are not capable to deliver all the technical information to the customers that’s why companies are hiring a person who knows the sales as well as technical knowledge. 

For this, they invite applications for the post of sales engineer from the candidate who has an engineering degree as well as a management degree. But apart from the degrees, the candidate must have knowledge of the market as well as Technology. 

So, if you want to be a sales engineer then you must have a degree in mechanical, automation, Electrical, electronic, etc along with a degree in Management. 

Again I want to say that skills are more important than the degree therefore focus on your skills to be successful. 

Automation Technician

Automation Technician is the person who identifies the fault in the automatic machines in the plant, whenever there is a breakdown. This person identifies and rectifies the problem in the automation system. 

This troubleshooter is recruited on a very high package because this role is so important. To be a troubleshooter you must have a deep knowledge of automation components and their functioning along with the basic requirement of the degrees.

Entrepreneur in Automation and robotics

Entrepreneurship is the most required quality in automation engineers in India. Because most of the industries are depends on the foreign Technologies.

They purchase the machine from abroad and also they avail servicing from abroad also. It costs huge to them to maintain the automation in their Industries because of the heavy excise duties and services charges. 

If these services and machinery are available in India only, then the industries will avail themselves of these things from here itself. There will be two benefits. first is that they will not pay a huge amount to the other country, and second is that if an entrepreneur starts any venture in the field of automation, it also creates employability! 

To be an entrepreneur in the field of automation you must have the basic skills related to automation. There are several fields in which you can start your own venture in the field of automation. 

You can start a manufacturing unit to manufacture some sort of automation component like actuators, sensors, Controllers for programming, connection cables, Mechanical components, etc.

You also can start a service business for the already existing industries. You also can start trading automation components to the industries. You can start a company to manufacture a special-purpose machine for a particular task in the industry.


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I have covered some main profiles of jobs in the field of automation briefly. but there are so many kinds of job profiles also. Every company has its different job profiles, so if you want to go to a particular company then you have to identify these job roles and you should be prepared yourself accordingly. If you want more deep information regarding any job roles, you can contact me any time, or you can comment if something is missed. Best of luck…! for your career.

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