How to start learning the robotics technology from the basic concepts in 2021, an Amazing journey towards Excellence

Start from beginning

Hay…!!! Are you willing to learn something new…!!!

I am here to give the information of an another interesting skill.

Guess what….!!

Its the Robotics….!!!

Robotics is the most lucrative buzz word of these days. It attracts most of the students and people also. But when we see a robot, we think it is a very complicated machine.

But let me tell you that, to make a robot is very simple. You just need proper knowledge and training. If you start today, you can be able to understand the basic concepts of robotics within a week. 

what…!! within a week?

Yes..!! Of course..!!

Today, I will tell you some guidelines to start learning robotic technology. If you are interested, Keep reading…

Understand the types of Robots

There are a  lot of types of  Robots present in the world. Some are working in factories and busy in manufacturing the various goods which we are using daily. These robots are called Industrial Robots. 

Some are designed to be service robots to assist humans. They may be in the shape of Humans. These robots are Known as Humanoid Robots. 

Similarly, there are a number of types of robots that exist. If you want to know about them in detail, click here.

With proper guidance, support and training, you will be able to develop your own robots. 

Buy a DIY kit 

Starting robotics learning is very easy. A lot of DIY kits are available in the online market. Choose any one which suits your budget. A DIY kit has quality components and proper guidance books in it. Buy them and start working on the projects mentioned in the guide book. 

Some DIY kits manufacturers provide online training and support also. here I suggest you some Best DIY kits to start your journey of robotic engineering. Some of the DIY kits are given below as per the age group. You can order online by clicking on any one of them.

Online Training

The Internet is the best medium to learn anything, you just need to know the right place from where you can get training.

Today, I will suggest some of the best internet sources, to learn robotics. Some of them are free of cost and some of them are paid courses. But I would like to suggest you, to enroll in the free courses at the beginning. So be with me.


This is a very good platform to learn robotics. Here you will find both Free and Paid courses. Paid courses are also in the affordable range. So here I am giving you the links to both types of courses. 

Click here for paid courses

Click here for free courses

But I would like to suggest, first complete the free courses to understand the basic concepts of robotics. then you can move towards the paid courses. 


This is another platform to learn robotics. But this is only a paid course. It provides you only one free demo class, then after you have to purchase the course to continue. But still, I recommend it because of its quality content and support system. You can also visit there by clicking here.

Do practice a lot!

Have you ever heard about a famous Hindi quote? 

What it means..!

It means the practice can make a dump man knowledgeable. 

Some like,  the stone of the well, worn out through the friction of a soft rope.

So friends, here I advise you to practice more and more as much as you can. 

Robotics is a futuristic technology, that’s why it demands more focus and dedication to be understood clearly.

Learn from failure 

Dear friends…! Always remember one thing.  God programmed our minds to learn by doing. The trial and error method is the very best method to learn something new. And if it is the matter of Science and Technology, no method is better than this trial and error method. 

So friends, never afraid of failure. FAIL stands for “First Attempt  In Learning”.

Many famous scientists failed in early experiments.  They became successful after a lot of experiments. 

edition bulb

Edison, the famous scientist, successfully made his first electric bulb after 2000 experiments. Can you imagine 2000 is a very big number when it is a matter of trial of experiments….!!!! 

But, he never got disappointed. 

Do you know what he used to say about these 2000 failed experiments?

He used to say that I have not failed in these 2000 experiments. I have discovered 2000 such methods through which the bulb can not be made.

So think about it. Failure is nothing. If you fail, don’t get disappointed. Try again and again. At last, you will be successful.

Try to be skilled 

To be skilled, you need practice.  Do experiments daily. I would like to advise you to Participate in Robotic competitions to know your level of skill. 

There are a lot of competition platforms, where you can participate, like IndiaSkills, EuroSkills, and many more regional competitions. 

On these platforms, you will get recognition by the companies who are dealing with robotics. You can get a chance to be associated with them in terms of internships or trainees. You also can get the chance to start your own career as an entrepreneur. 

So start to be the master of this technology and present yourself as expert robotics. 


Science and technology are the main and biggest domains on which the development and security of any country depend. So you guys must learn the technology and try to create it in our country. 

To be updated in technology is not a big matter, to create technology is a great thing. 

You can see that the countries which are leading in technology, are developed and rich. so if you want our country developed and rich, then start learning the science and technology and try to give something to society by innovating and creating some technology or services. 

There are many problems in many fields, like agriculture, transportation, logistics, defense, and manufacturing, which can be solved with the help of technology and science. Therefore, identify them and try to solve them. By doing this you can develop a big business around you.

The initiation of technology can only be started at an early age because the thought process is very important in the career progress of any individual child. So our intention is to develop an ecosystem of technological education for the upcoming generation so that they will be able to become the technology creator.

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