How to remember the things we Study to be excellent in career in 2021

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How to be excellent in career??

This is a burning question in the minds of almost all students.

COVID-19 pandemic affected the education sector most. Even After the many stages of unlocking, schools and colleges are still locked, and students are not allowed to take classes in the schools. But learning can not be stopped. 

Most of the teachers and students worked greatly to learn the use of online platforms for learning. But the online learning platforms can’t fulfill the need for knowledge.

Today I want to give some tips to study and get knowledge so that this gap of education can be fulfilled, in this pandemic. 

So if you want to know these valuable tips to study ..! keep reading….!

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Chase the Knowledge, not marks only
Chase the Knowledge, not marks only

Chase the Knowledge, Don’t chase Marks

First of all, you always keep in mind that you should chase knowledge. Don’t ever try to change the marks because if you chase the marks you will try to find the strategy to acquire the marks only. And you will lack knowledge.

Therefore I always suggest that you should try to acquire knowledge. If you have knowledge then you can acquire the marks also. Marks are the secondary thing.

If you have no knowledge and have topped in the class, then you can be in big trouble because when the interviewer will look at your mark sheet and will notice the top marks, he will ask those tough questions from you then you may not be able to answer. So I always suggest that you always seek knowledge, not marks.

Understand the subject
Understand the subject

Understand the subject, Don’t Try to just Memorize

Next step…!!! I want to say that whenever you study, try to understand the concepts deeply. Don’t blindly memorize line by line and point by point.

Most of the students do this mistake because they consider the study is the marks gaining activity. So try to remove this habit from you. Try to understand the concept in your own, language, learning, and experience.

The meaning of understanding the subject is that, compare this knowledge with your previous knowledge.

Use the following strategy to understand the subject…!! 

Use at least three senses to understand each concept of your subject. Number 1 vision, number 2 to listen, and number 3 experience.

if you read the book, you are using your vision to get the information to your brain and your brain memorizes the lines you have read. 

When you recite whatever you read, your tongue reproduces the knowledge and your ears listen and your mind also memorizes and coincides this information with the information received by your vision.

So, that’s why you have to discuss the concept with your friends also. Therefore, group discussion is very important for a proper understanding of the subject.

For experiencing the subject, you should see the phenomenons which are occurring in the environment based on the knowledge you got. 

And try to explain this phenomenon with your knowledge, whatever you get from the study, and group discussion. In this way, you got the same information from the three sources. 

And your mind I will always remember because it will consider this information is authentic and approved.

So this was the strategy to learn and understand the concepts.

Discuss with friends
Discuss with friends

Discuss your understanding with your friends 

As I mentioned before, the discussion with friends is very important, because when you discuss the topic you studied, with your friend, it creates the repetitions of the memory in your mind.

Blind memorizers (rattafication)  also repeat what they have studied.

But the discussion with friends is always for better than the rattafication method.

write your own Notes
write your own Notes

Write your notes with your own words 

The next suggestion is that you should write your own notes for each subject.

 I noticed that most of the students demand pre-written notes from the teachers.  These kinds of students never performed well in the examination. Usually, it is found that most of those students just cross the passing criteria or even something little more, but they never acquire good marks.

So always try to prepare your own notes with your own words. If you do that surely you’re gonna deeply understand the concept for a lifetime. If you want to learn more study tips, Click here.

Use Diagrams and figures 

The next most important tip is that you should always try to convert your knowledge into graphical form. Many times there are plenty of diagrams and figures are given in the textbook of the many subjects. but sometimes it is not given in many subjects also. 

For those kinds of subjects, you should convert the information you have received through the textbook into the graphical representation for tabulation form. If you do that you can concise all of your studies in the short form to Remember.

Briefly study the topic before attending the online class

If you are taking online lectures from your teacher, I would like to suggest that you should be aware of the topics which are going to be discussed in the next lecture. And you should at least be familiar with an overview of the subject.

When you will do that you will be able to ask questions from your teacher during the lecture for a better understanding of the subject, and the lecture session will be interactive.

How to be excellent in career
How to be excellent in career

How to be excellent in career

Being educated is very critical these days because most of us don’t know about the real meaning of education. We think that to get degrees and jobs, is only the aim of education.

 but the real meaning of education is, to be honest at each and every stage of life.

The real meaning of education is not to be successful at any cost, it is to be successful with your hard and smart work.

So guys, don’t ever try to be successful by shortcuts.

Success is not the destination but it is a journey with peace of mind and relaxes the heart.

So promise yourself that you will study to understand the subjects not to memorize only to acquire marks. Marks are the secondary things. If you truly understand the subject, you can get the marks automatically with the genuine marks gaining strategies. If you want to know about the genuine marks gaining strategies I will discuss in another post.

Thank you so much for reading.

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