Robot: Intelligent machines, The new species of future


Robot…!!! What pictures come in your mind when you hear this word? Let me guess! Hamm…

I think you imagine a human-like steel body which is talking, walking, and doing many works as humans do, as in Rajinikanth’s movie “Robot” or Arnold’s movie “Terminator” or in other science fiction movies. Or you imagine a moving vehicle equipped with scientific tools as “Mars spirit rover” doing the experiment on Mars. Then you are correct.

But these are only two of the categories of big families of the robots. There are a lot of types of robots. So, if you are interested to know about them, keep reading.

Let’s first understand the meaning of the robot.

Meaning of Robot

The ‘robot’ word was chosen from the “Czechoslovakian” word “robota”. The meaning of this is “slave” or “servant”. What? Servant! I thought it was superior to us!

Ok, let’s compare the above philosophy with the following definitions.

“A reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks.”

The above definition was given by the ‘Robot Institute of America’ in 1979, and according to Webster’s Dictionary, “An automatic device that performs functions normally ascribed to humans or a machine in the form of a human.”

Now we have a little idea about the robots that these are the machines of complex mechanisms, designed and programmed to perform very specific tasks beyond the human capacity.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, robots are so powerful that they can think and take decisions. These robots are known as autonomous robots.

Types of Robots

Now have a look at the types of the robot according to their structure and work areas.


First types of robot are humanoid robots for those we think these are only robots. These kinds of robots have similar structures as humans do. They can walk, run, and speak. Even they can show emotional expressions while talking.

Have you heard about ‘Sophia Robot’? This robot is an artificial intelligence-based humanoid robot. It gives answers to all the asked questions very smartly. It was developed by the Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics and ‘activated’ on February 14, 2016. Saudi Arabia granted her citizenship in October 2017. The Sophia robot has delivered a talk in IIT- BHU and IIT Bombay in India. She has faced several Media interviews and gave answers very wisely. These kinds of robots are known as social robots.

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These kinds of robots are very important in healthcare and education some of them are also used in social activities like public assistance, communicate and interact with them.

Mobile Robot

The second most popular robots are ‘Mobile Robots’. These robots are used to perform the difficult tasks in that area which is dangerous for humans, like radioactive active and dangerous gas environment, high temperature and pressure zone, space and other planets, etc.

Nowadays these kinds of robots are also being used to deliver medicine and food to the corona infected patient in the corona ward to protect doctors and nurses from corona infection.

Similar kinds of robots are used to work in homes. for example mopping robots. These are known as home robots.


AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle. These kinds of robots are used in the industry for material handling. These also come under the category of Mobile Robot.

Industrial Robot

The third most popular robots are industrial robotics arms. They are widely used in industrial automation These robots are designed and programmed to perform complex repetitive tasks with very high accuracy and speed in manufacturing industries, like pick and place operation, welding, painting, assembly, sorting, packaging, etc. most of these kinds of robots are stationary robots.


Have you ever heard about the robot in the shape of animals? These kinds of robots also exist and known as ‘Animaloid’. These may be in the shape of a dog, cat, snake, fish, butterfly, birds, ants, spiders, and other insects. Scientists work on this type of robot for research. Many of these kinds of robots can be used by the army and for the rescue operations during a disaster. Many of them can be used as a spy. Don’t you remember the famous movie Uri: The surgical strike?


What do you think about very small robots having the size of a mosquito? These are the microbots. Microrobots are very tiny robots and come under the mobile robots. The development of such small robots is possible due to the invention of microcontrollers. The development of communication technology has increased the communication capacity of these micro-bots. They work in a group of huge numbers of robots. The primary objective of the robots is for the rescue operation to find the survival of earthquake in the collapsed buildings. 


Now we talked about the much smaller robots, they are Nano-bots. These robots are so small that they can travel through the blood veins. They are specifically designed for drug delivery to the disease affected area of the body directly. The drug can be carried to a specific location which would make the drug much more effective and reduce the chances of possible side effects.

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This is a brief story about robots. Robotics is the branch of engineering in which we study about robots. We learn how robots are made, how they are programmed. It comes under future technology. It is a very creative field for those who have an interest in science and technology. School going kids must be familiar with robotics technology. Some DIY kits are available in the market and you can order online. You may find a good scope in robotics if you are a good learner of science.

So friends, be in touch with us for such kind of informative blogs. Keep learning.

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