Industry 4.0, an amazing journey of Industrial Revolutions

Industry 4.0

Most people think that it is the latest technology in the manufacturing industry. But I want to clarify that it is not just technology, it’s the technological revolution, or we can say, it is the industrial revolution.

Mind-blowing explanation of Automation in an exciting way, in 2021

Mind blowing explanation ofAutomation

Automation Hey there, Have you ever visited any electrical appliances shop, and noticed a conversation between the buyers and shopkeeper.  If not, please go and pay attention. You would hear the word “Automatic”. Plz go someday and try it. Now, Have you ever seen an advertisement showing some guys speaking to a device like this, … Read more

Robot: Intelligent machines, The new species of future

Robot Robot…!!! What pictures come to your mind when you hear this word? Let me guess! Hamm… I think you imagine a human-like steel body that is talking, walking, and doing many works as humans do, as in Rajinikanth’s movie “Robot” or Arnold’s movie “Terminator” or in other science fiction movies. Or you imagine a … Read more